Frequently Asked Questions

It is best to avail of annual inspection services as the experts can give a better report. Otherwise, inspect your roof, and if you notice signs of impairment, water accumulation, and contamination, call the professionals.

No, it is not necessary to replace a leaking roof. Our experts will inspect it to understand the severity of the matter. If it is repairable, we will go for the latter option.

The durability of the roof depends upon your maintenance habits. With adequate upkeep, slate and metal roof can last up to a lifetime.

The charges vary according to the size of your roof, the quantity of the material, and labor work. Call (508) 735-3803 to get a free estimate now!

The gutter needs to be clean two to three times a year. It can vary depending upon the weather conditions of your state.

No, solar panels are easy to maintain. All you need is efficient cleaning and regular inspection to check any signs of impairment.